March 02, 2018

The "Joys" Of Winter Driving

Winter is not a fun time to be in the trucking business, especially if you deal with tarps on a regular basis. The freezing temperatures take their toll on your body and your equipment. Tarps often get frozen to the point where folding them almost becomes impossible. But the possibility of diesel fuel gelling or freezing brakes make tarps the least of your concerns.
Most fuel these days are treated with winter additives. But depending on your fueling location and your final destination, it might be wise to add a quality fuel additive to prevent gelling. Other things to consider during winter are; an adequate supply of food, keeping a flashlight with fresh batteries, extra blankets and clothes. Always be prepared for changing weather conditions.

December 24, 2017

Thank You Truck Drivers (The Real Santa's)

Most people never realize the process to bring the goods they need everyday and on holidays like Christmas to market. Truckers sacrifice a lot of time away from home and family. They also face poor weather conditions along with distracted and disrespectful drivers. At times drivers will spend countless hours waiting to be loaded or unloaded for a variety of reasons. So this Christmas I would like to thank my fellow truck drivers for all they do to make the holidays enjoyable.

December 23, 2017

That Christmas Spirit

Like most any other occupation driving has its pluses and minuses. But during the Christmas season I've always enjoyed seeing the decorations from town to town. I've seen some very impressive displays from Toronto to Miami and out west to Fresno, California.
Naturally some towns and cities have more to work with than others. But if used creatively, even a small amount of lights and holiday decor can be very effective. And there's nothing like feeling that “Christmas Spirit” no matter where you are.

September 04, 2017

Oh Canada

To this point my Canadian driving experience has been limited to Quebec and Ontario. The major difference between the two of course is language. French being the primary language in Quebec and English in Ontario. Driving in Canada is much like driving in the U.S. with the major difference being the metric system used to gauge speed and distance.
Entering Canada requires that I provide a customs invoice and bill of lading faxed in advance of my arrival to the broker at the border. Once my paperwork clears customs its just a matter of arriving with a passport or pass card for entry. I have enjoyed every trip to Canada to this point and have found the people to be friendly and easy to work with.

August 29, 2017

Welcome To East L.A.

I believe in making an effort to sample the “local flavor” whenever possible. Making my first trip into East LosAngeles this year I was amazed to see just how many food trucks were lining the streets. East LA is predominantly a Mexican American community and as such, features a wide variety of Mexican cuisine. Many of the trucks are brightly decorated and feature blinking lights and music to draw in customers and distinguish themselves from the competition
After preparing my trailer for unloading I made my way through the front of the building and on to the street. I found I had my pick of three trucks doing business on this particular block and decided to try the food from the first truck I came upon. I ordered a breakfast burrito and coffee, both of which were amazing. So when opportunity presents itself I highly recommend treating yourself.