November 19, 2017

Words Indeed Have Value

Have you ever given Zero F#cks about something but the words just weren't enough? I may have just found the perfect response to the same old stories from panhandlers and cons. Order Here!

October 29, 2017

Congrats to Oakland A's catcher Bruce Maxwell, this weeks ‘Social Justice Warrior’ of the week.

Congrats to Oakland A's catcher Bruce Maxwell, this weeks ‘Social Justice Warrior’ of the week. According to Scottsdale, Arizona police, Maxwell was arrested after a food delivery person said he pointed a gun at her while at his home. Maxwell was booked on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct. Maxwell, is the only Major League player to kneel during the national anthem this season.
Last week while visiting his hometown of Huntsville, Ala. Maxwell claimed he was refused service at a restaurant because of his protest. However, a waiter told a local Fox News reporter that Maxwell was “outright lying,” about what happened because waiter Matt Henry said, “I didn’t even know who Bruce Maxwell was.” Ouch! maybe what really outraged Bruce was his lack of celebrity status and the horror of having to pay his own bill.

September 04, 2017

Oh Canada

To this point my Canadian driving experience has been limited to Quebec and Ontario. The major difference between the two of course is language. French being the primary language in Quebec and English in Ontario. Driving in Canada is much like driving in the U.S. with the major difference being the metric system used to gauge speed and distance.
Entering Canada requires that I provide a customs invoice and bill of lading faxed in advance of my arrival to the broker at the border. Once my paperwork clears customs its just a matter of arriving with a passport or pass card for entry. I have enjoyed every trip to Canada to this point and have found the people to be friendly and easy to work with.