September 10, 2016

Old School Waitress

Very few servers know the correct way to take care of a customer. But the ones that do know just what to say and how to be engaging without being a pest. Above all a good server will always make sure your beverage is full and your order is correct. This nice lady at the TA in Marianna, Florida is a classic example of how it's done right.


September 06, 2016

Leave Coils To The Steel Haulers

This is a perfect example why steel coils should be left to the steel haulers. This van was carrying skidded coils that apparently were not properly secured. The tow truck in the background had just finished removing a coil that had broken through the trailer and was sitting on the trucks catwalk.
I don't know if the driver was aware of just how lucky he was, but he was damn lucky. This coil could have gone straight through the back of the cab or fallen of on the highway potentially causing a serious accident.These loads should be left to the people who have the equipment and know how to transport them, period.


July 03, 2016

Photo From the Road (Kentucky)

I don’t always have the opportunity to get a good breakfast in while on the road. But if I’m anywhere near Mount Vernon, Kentucky traveling on I-75, the Derby City South Truck Plaza is worth a stop. The prices are more than reasonable and while the parking lot and facility are a bit old its clean and staffed by very friendly people.

May 29, 2016

Photo From the Road (New York)

Okay so most of the time when I’m in the NYC area my full attention is centered on getting in and getting out as quickly as possible. However on this trip my stay was unavoidably longer than I had intended. On the positive side I was in an area that was safe for overnight parking and convenient to a local eatery called Sal's Pizza & Pasta. Since I was destined to stay the night I just had to sample their New York pizza which was absolutely delicious. I would defiantly recommend to anyone who travels for a living to take advantage of the “local fair” when ever possible.

April 23, 2016

Photo From the Road (Pennsylvania)

Proof positive that its not “always sunny in Philadelphia”. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, is notable for its rich history, on display at the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall – where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed – and other American Revolutionary sites. No less iconic are the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, immortalized by Sylvester Stallone’s triumphant run in the film "Rocky." (Google)